Broccolini was tough. It might be a better place to visit for a day and stay elsewhere. The legendary Stanley Hotel is famous for its charm and history; located in beautiful Estes Park, CO. We offer four different Estes Park accommodation experiences including:. I would not want to be on the 3rd or 4th floor in July, just a small stand alone air conditioner. more, Lock in the lowest price from these sites. It has a library of King titles as well as a bathtub, located by the Vortex stairs. They were placed in the presidential suite (#217), being the only room left with clean bedsheets. Special requests for it can only be made over the phone. The hotel’s spirited rooms include rooms 217, 401, 407, and 428. Elizabeth Wilson caused an explosion upon entering the room with a candle, partly destroying that area of the hotel and sending her crashing through the floor, landing on the floor below and breaking her ankle. The legendary Stanley Hotel is famous for its charm and history; located in beautiful Estes Park, CO. We offer four different Estes Park accommodation experiences including:. Dinner was so so. The Stanley Hotel: A Haunting in Room 217 - See 3,511 traveller reviews, 3,204 candid photos, and great deals for The Stanley Hotel at Tripadvisor. Let me start by saying that the Stanley Hotel is absolutely beautiful, as is Estes Park, CO. Would have liked to move alittle slower. The room the Kings stayed in was 217 — which, of course, is the infamous room number he wrote into The Shining. Almost too many negatives to mention here but suffice to say we spoke with other guests who shared my feelings to the exact level! There were a few that were putting the effort in but it shows just how poorly this place is managed by the overall attitudes of the staff. I have heard from others that it is over a year long, though this wasn’t the case when I visited. Room 217 … Even that crazy idea has some evidence to support it. I would stay again but not for more than two days. The hotel … The ghostly sounds of children playing, giggling and running up and down the hallways are frequently reported by guests, even when living children are not around. This story begins in 1911 when the Stanley Hotel was powered by gas lighting. There’s said to be a ghost specific to room 217. The Stanley Hotel embraces it's roots. Finally, make sure to check out the amazing bar. This area was once where the maid’s quarters were located and it is thought that many of their children still reside in that area. I didn’t think it was so scary, but everyone could react differently. Stephen King stayed there with his family — and woke up from a nightmare to begin writing a novel based on his stay there, The Shining. Four presidents and Stephen King were among the many prominent guests who stayed in that room. The book was followed by a sequel, Doctor Sleep, published in 2013. Thank you for your interest in our famous room 217! They stay in room 217. Staff was pretty much non accommodating and just not friendly overall. Front desk WHEN STAFFED which was minimally, had people who had just taken the job and didn't know either the hotel or services. As I stated the hotel … Room was dirty the lobby needed dusting, the carpet looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed in weeks. 217 is a room with 1 king bed, though it is spacious enough to accommodate a rollaway bed for children. The room … The fourth floor is said to be the most haunted within the Stanley Hotel. If you wish to stay in one of The Stanley’s haunted rooms, you’ll need to book one of the hotel’s “spirited rooms”. She apparently communicates with paranormal enthusiasts visiting the Stanley Hotel and has befriended some of the young children spirits, who also frequent her room. To book this room you will need to call in to the hotel, it is not available online. It is probably best to get in contact with the Stanley Hotel and ask them directly. Another hotspot for activity is actually underneath the hotel in a cave system. Stanley Hotel & Room 217 Full Haunted Story - Mysterioustrip It is a little on the pricier side, yet was worth the cost for me to be able to tick that off my bucket list. She assured me that the specific room … This night would forever change the image of the Hotel. Prendre plaisir. The Stanley opened in 1909 and has been operating ever since! In room 217. The Stanley Hotel: Haunted Room 217 - See 3,501 traveller reviews, 3,202 candid photos, and great deals for Estes Park, CO, at Tripadvisor. Make sure to explore as much of the hotel as possible. Room 217, where King stayed, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Wilson, a former Stanley employee. Phantom sounds of piano music when nobody is around have been reported from both the Music Room and the Concert Hall at the Stanley Hotel. Here are results of our stay that equaled a negative review 1. Stanley Hotel Outside Room 217, Estes Park, CO. The agent was so helpful in making this specific arrangement I want for my son's birthday. Scared the crap out of me the first time I read it. You can soak up the same Rocky Mountain views that King got when he stayed there. He is thought to communicate with people who have captured EVP’s of a male voice stating ‘get out.’ He also has his own room in the basement level of the Concert Hall, where he usually interacts with male guests. I was prepared for the service to be slow. The novel was adapted into a 1980 film of the same name. Also, Kubrick changed the room number from the book. The hotel is grand! This night would forever change the image of the Hotel. One of the guests told me he found moldy cheese in the drawer of the dresser. The Stanley Hotel’s most famous and requested room is without a doubt Room 217. Big room but we paid quite alot, $441. Hundreds of paranormal investigations take place their each year, with mixed results. Just two years after the hotel opened, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson was tending the rooms when a thunderstorm rolled through the mountains of Estes Park, wiping out all of the power in the Stanley Hotel. The Stanley Hotel rests on a bed of quartz and limestone, which many believe to be responsible for helping spirits energy remain strong within the building.

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